Garret McKensie

Age: 15

Location: Taylors Falls, MN

Set-up:  144 Rome Artifact Rocker

Any hook ups? Rome SDS, Ipath, Ashbury, Neff.

Where do you usually ride? Wild Mountain

How did you get into snowboarding? My sister and my Dad

Who are your main influences? Pat Milberry and Brennen Swanson

What’s your food of choice for snowboarding? Definitely Wild Mountains fries or french dip

What do you do outside of snowboarding? Skateboard

What music have you been listening to lately? Atmosphere and Brother Ali (rep MN)

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Both, whatever happens to be the funnest sesh of the day

What’s your favorite thing about the Midwest? Being able to “Rep” it!!!

What goals do you have? Go big and never go home…Go pro for Rome !!!

Last words or shout outs? RIP Scott Andrew Kalbakdalen, (my dad).

I ride to make my dad (and my mom and Jeff) proud. It is my passion!!




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