Krister Ralles


Age: 24

Location: Linwood, MN

Set-up: FVK MNMT 155, Union Bindings, Vans boots, Volcom Outerwear and FLP

Stance specs : 12 degrees in front and back 24 inch stance

Any hook ups? FLP all day

Where do you usually ride? Wild!!!!!

How did you get into snowboarding? My brother taught me when I was young and been at it ever since.

Who are your main influences? My friends and some ogs that I grew up watching.

Whats your food and drink of choice when snowboarding? I like to grill on hill for food and you cant go wrong with water.

What do you do when you are not riding? I like to fish a lot, its November and i’m still out a few times a week.

Tell us your shred playlist:  I don’t listen to music when I ride.

Favorite movie/t.v. show? Dumb and Dumber

Do you have a favorite quote? “America!!!!!!!”

Let’s play Desert Island…which three objects/people would you bring with you if you were stranded? Fishing pole, sun screen, and safety equipment.

Whats your favorite thing about living and riding in the midwest? The people are awesome no matter where you’re from, we are all family here in the Midwest just having a good time.

Last words or shout outs? Shout out to Don B…Get Wild!

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