Cullen Bernklau


Age: 19


Location: Wyoming, MN


Set-up: Capita horoscope 149 Union superpros


Stance specs : Whatever feels right


Any hook ups? Volcom Capita Union Celtek Electric Coal and obviously FLP


Where do you usually ride? Trollhaugen


How did you get into snowboarding? My brother did it so naturally I thought I would be cool if I copied him haha


Who are your main influences? Ethan Deiss, Danimals, Justin Fronius


Whats your food and drink of choice when snowboarding? Powerade only 78 cents at walmart


What do you do when you are not riding? Skateboard hangout with friends go swimming


Tell us your shred playlist: lots of juicy j and rick ross


Favorite movie/t.v. show? To many good ones


Do you have a favorite quote? Johnny Hopkins quote from Step Brothers


Let’s play Desert Island…which three objects/people would you bring with you if you were stranded? I would bring every girl in the world, a surf board to keep me busy, and some type of buffet for everyday meals.


Whats your favorite thing about living and riding in the midwest? Tow ropes, tons of rails, everyone seems to know eachother, and to top it all off 1817 is from here…


Last words or shout outs? FLP all day


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