Benny Milam


Age : 14

Location: Chisago City MN

Set-up: Flow micron Verve And The Five Bindings

Stance Specs: !3 and a Half inches wide, Front 5 Back Negative 5

Any Hook ups? Volcom, Flow, Flproject, NXTZ, Amplifi, Celtek, Coal, Electric

Where Do You Usually Ride? Wild Mountain and TrollHaugen

How did you get into snowboarding? I got a board for Christmas when I was 5 years old.

Who are your main influences? Nial Romenek, Brandon Reis, Tim Humphreys, Jed Anderson and Krister Ralles

Whats your food And drink choice when snowboarding? Penut Butter And Jelly, And Mtn Dew

What do you do when your not riding? Skateboard, Hang out with friends and Nerd out on Video Games

Tell Us your Shred playlist: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, And any music that isn’t Country or dub step.

Favorite Movie/Tv Show? Happy Gilmore, Ridiculousness, And South Park

Do You have any Favorite Quotes? Snake or be Snaked

Lets Play desert island… What three objects/ People would you bring with you if you were stranded? Garrett Mckenzie, Cole DiMeglio, And Mary Mckenzie because she is the bomb

Whats your favorite thing about riding in the midwest? Preseason, And handrails

Last Words or shout outs? Don Bergeson For everything, Mark Liscak, My parents For everything, Myles Grote, Andy Conrad And Emmet Klocker.