Aaron Becker

Age: 22

Location: Coon Rapids, MN

Set-up: Arbor Draft 153 ..Raiden bindings..Vans ZM Of The Wall boots

Stance specs: Goofy at about 9 and -9. With a shoulder width stance, maybe a little bigger.

Any hook ups? Arbor Snowboards¡ tell the world ends!, Air Blaster, FLP, arborcollective.com

Where do you usually ride? Trollhaugen and Elm Creek, or any place fun.

How did you get into snowboarding? I got into snowboarding because a friend at the time wanted to learn how to skateboard. So I said I would show him if he taught me how to snowboard.

Who are your main influences? I am influenced by God,Music and Art.
Bradshawn and Magoon and Keegan were my first big inspirations. Then Joe Sexton was my favorite
and now I just look at Jake o.e and Sexton and Jordan aka jd money and Cole aka c money and fronious . I truly get inspired by life happening everyday. And my good friend Pat Raff is a big inspiration too. Along with all my friends pushing me.

Whats your food and drink of choice when snowboarding? I love sugar and eggs on those early mornings.

What do you do when you are not riding? When I am not on the snow I write lyrics, I am a working Potter and I try to make the best out of every situation. I also make life for my beautiful girlfriend easier

Tell us your shred playlist: My shread play list is normally hyphy ghetto shut. But changes depending on emotions of the day.

Favorite movie/t.v. show? My movie of choice is still Sandlot – those kids had the life.

Do you have a favorite quote? from BRINK! “Today when you woke up did you say you were going to talk, or did you say you were going to skate!”

Let’s play Desert Island…what three objects/people would you bring with you if you were stranded? Danica, clay and a surf board.

Whats your favorite thing about living and riding in the midwest? I love all my friends I have made . There are no other kids like Midwest kids.

Last words or shout outs? 

Shout out to Don

You know my function


Bald E-Gal





Pencil pat




Sherry Bakken

Patty P

Peter Twafic and Cody Proudal

All the homies that helped me have fun and be myself

And to all the real folk left in this world

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