Snow Team

Our Goal:

The FL PROjECT believes in supporting the activities we participate in.  Our GOAL with having FL Team Riders is to promote more then just our shop.  We hand select every rider not only for their ability or achievements in each discipline, but for what they stand for – both in competition and in LIFE.  Our riders are not just one dimensional athletes, each brings a distinct personality to the team. With those personalities we believe we can make a difference in how boardsports are perceived.  We are passionate about connecting with people who have the same passion and educating those who don’t understand what it is we are so passionate about. So, we hope to see you on the hills, in the water, at the parks or just out in the streets.

*If interested in becoming an FLP Team Rider please submit a video (DVD is best) with attn: Jeff Gabrick
Either Drop it off at the Shop or mail it to:

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