Carsten Johnson

Age: 17
Current City: Hugo, MN
Set up: Skateboard
Stance: Regular
Any crews or people you usually skate with? Ben Narloch, Ryan LaRue, Stone Sullivan, Preston Sand, Brad Hay, and Justy LaRue.
Any Recent Video Parts? No, but Minnesota Militia is coming up, and it should be pretty sick!
Hook ups: FLP
Where do you usually skate? White Bear, Roseville, St. Paul, Mpls.
How did you get into skating? Thought it looked pretty neat.
Influences? Chad Timtim, Mark Suciu, my friends, Dan Narloch, Josiah Gatlyn.
Food of choice before you skate? A hefty Chipotle burrito or Brats.
What do you do outside of skating? Snowboard, Ultimate Frisbee, Make/Edit videos.
What music have you been listening to lately? Folk/Rock
Morning person or night owl? Neither, I like the daytime.
Favorite thing about the Midwest? Good skating if it doesn’t snow.
Goals? Go HARD as usual.
y last words or shout outs? Shout to God, my friends, family, Chipotle, boys of the brat house, and whoever invented this wonderful sport.

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