Benny Milam



location:chisago city mn

Setup:capita microscope and burton cobra sharks

stance specs: 13 inches wide 4 degrese on both bings.

Any hookups: volcom and FLP.

where do you usually ride: wild mountain.

How did you get into snowboarding: i got a board for christmas when i was like 4.

who are your main influences: joe sexton, d anderson and my dad.

What is your food choice for snowboarding: mac n cheese and penut butter and jellys.

what do you do outside of snowboarding: skateboarding.

what have you been listening to latley: anything thats good.

are you a morning person or night owl: night owl

what is your favorite thing about the midwest: everything.

What goals do you have: to be who i wanna be.

last words or shout out: my coach myles grote, jessica at the g team and don at flp.

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