Austin brings home the goods!

    Pay attention to the FL team and you just might learn something.. Like how to live in MN!!! Snowboard and Fish my friends. Please, Enjoy! ..and don’t be to jealous that FLP has Kritter and Ay on the fishing team.   -nh

Fall Festival..

              The contest had a bigger riding area this year! Adam Mahler was responsible for that! Its nice being able to stop! Thanks Minnow!                 Getting some revamping done on the beat tracks of many dirty kids. Cole handling business. Colin filming

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Bosshaugen Teaser..

Click below the Troll to view Bosshaugen’s teaser.                       Bosshaugen Teaser

Should Troll local Dave Parker ride in the contest Sunday…..Fall Festival?

You can also check his local part in the Troll video, Bosshaugen!                     Here is some Troll riding to get everyone ready for the DF!      

Christ Air has a lil’ something to say…..

Where you from? Linwood MN Sponsors? Monument snowboards, Vans, FL Project What’s up with smashing everything? Me likey. What’s up with the bindings you been riding for the past how ever many years? 7 yrs. Ya, whats wrong with EM! How many pairs have you gone and taken apart to fix the one pair you ride? I

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Our Little Furby, Ethan Deiss is Blowin’ Up like Dynamite!

FLP team rider and great friend, Ethan Deiss, has been showing the snowboard industry what he is really made of. Working his way up, he is now officially on the Pro team for Burton Snowboards, right next to all of those riders that we’ve seen compete in the X-Games and Olympics over the years. Ethan

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Mark Rivard on Twin Cities Live!

Check Out Skateboard Artist Mark Rivard on TC Live! – Skateboard Art After graduating high school at Champlin Park, Mark Rivard moved to Colorado to live his dream as a pro skier. But soon after, an injury ended his career. That was when he found a new career – using a talent he didn’t

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Check out what Jess has going… This is for the Ladies!

Jess has started the blog ‘Snow.Skate.Surf.Style’, which covers everything there is to know about females in the snowboarding, skateboarding and surf industries – and has thrown style and fashion into the group for a well-rounded mix of news and updates. “Snow, Skate, Surf and Style. It’s more than just a name. It’s more than a

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VOLCOM Wild in the Parks.

ED with 2 page in Dec ’10 TWS

Ethan Deiss Pressin’ it.  Well, looks like ED (Furby) is getting it done it’s now 2 months in a row that FL PROjECT Team Rider Ethan Deiss is in Transworld Snowboarding. This time with a Big Press on a MN Rail! Nice work yet again ED! Much Love.