Congrats Garrett, it’s all official according to ROME SDS. Garrett Mckenzie or Gare bear as you might know him. Just landed his NAME on the LIST of Regional riders at Rome Snowboards website. That’s right just one more of those GROMS making it to the show from FLP. Congrats, the the soon to be driving shredder. Keep killin it. Err Day

Flow ‘Team Micron’ Invades Windell’s; Benny Miliam Crushin it!

Words with Riley Erickson

Whenever I get to see Riley, it’s always enjoyable. The stories he has, the knowledge he drops, and the critisism that comes out of his mouth on occasion, is always entertaining. Riley is a true FL Project OG lurk and has been around since day one and was a huge part in the first FL

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Deiss Throwin Down At X Games

If you were lucky enough to have the “Live Streaming” actually work at Espn3, you would have seen that our little furby killed it in the Snowboard Street Comp at X Games yesterday! Making it effortlessly through semi-finals with the highest score of 92, he threw it down even more in finals. He was not

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Ethan Signs With Arnette On Global Pro Snow Team

‘Tis official! Arnette announced on January 20th that Ethan is one of two new dudes to climb on board their Global Pro Snowboarding team. “Ethan Deiss blew up in the snowboard world a couple years ago when his video part was posted online and drew the attention of major forces in the industry. A guy

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Colin Wilson.

Colin Wilson, FLP team rider and insanely good shredder.


Sorry I haven’t been posting anything lately….here is a list of videos being shared from the Role Model guys! Keep checking in on these guys to see ONE MO GAIN’S all day! Enjoy! Man Stew! When In Doubt Lay It Out! Turnin’ & Burnin’!

Benny and Garrett Killing it.

  Benny Milan: Back 3.   Garrett McKenzie: Back Shifty.   High fives!!! these kids shred hard! Check the rest of the photos here.. my blog. -nathaniel.

Tiss the time of year.

      Krister Ralles and Austin Young getting some work done this season!   -nathaniel.

Ollie’s for Alzheimer’s.

Garret Mckenzie with a solid 2ft Ollie. This past weekend at Wild Mountain we had, Ollie’s for Alzheimer’s. This comp/pre-season get together is hosted by Viktor Simco. He started it to raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease last year, money raised through the comp goes out to support medical research to hopefully one day find a

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