rollin wit Deiss…..

copped this from the wizard blog. good stuff!SUNNY G! from Calvin Scibilia on Vimeo.

Weekend Snowboards interviews Steve Nazar

This Fall, Weekend Snowboards will release the limited edition Lodge Series featuring graphics by legendary illustrator Steve Nazar. Steve is best known for his work with T&C Surf Designs in the 80′s and is one of the most respected artists in his field.Here, Steve is interviewed about his time with T&C as well as his

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Upcoming events at 3rd Lair

It’s hard to believe March is wrapping up and April is right around the corner. The crew at 3rd Lair is having one of there infamous all nighters on April 4th. All proceeds for this event are being dropped right into the kitty to re-vamp the street course. Help keep the park fresh and go

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Something new thats not so new..

For some reason our blog that is connected to our website is not allowing us to upload or publish anything. SO, I have started a new blog seperate from the old blog. Ya dig? This will act as a supplemental way to get the word out to you the customer so that you can find

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