Krister Ralles: TWS Top 10 Online Video Parts of 2012

KristerRalles_Harding_GapFrontLIpYou heard it right! Our very own, Krister “Kritter” Ralles got the number 9 spot out of TransWorld SNOWboarding’s ‘Top 10 Online Video Parts of 2012′ for his part in Bald E-Gal’s ‘E-Gal Eye’. Right alongside pro riders such as Louif Paradis, Dan Brisse, Jed Anderson, Hana Beaman, Desiree Melancon and more. We could not be more proud of him and this accomplishment. Kritter, keep pushing the limits, like we know you do every day you are out there riding. Now click on the link to and watch his full-length video part from E-Gal Eye for the 100th time, like we know you are already going to do.


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